Welcome to the  Envirochem website for all your cleaning, hygiene and sanitation needs

For over 30 years Envirochem has specialised in industrial chemicals for hospitals, schools, municipalties, food and dairy industries and more. We also have a range of household chemicals for any house proud individual and we won't break the bank. Our chemicals are made with the highest quality raw materials so you can be sure our chemicals will budge any grime, grease or stain you throw them at.

Envirochem also offers an extensive range of cleaning accessories and brush ware to ensure you're prepared for any cleaning task. You can find brush ware from squeegees to tank brushes, accessories from mop buckets to wet floor signs, protective equipment from gloves to respirators and cloths/scrubbers from microfibre cloths to steel wool.

Trust us to be your one-stop-shop for all things cleaning.